“You may forget with whom you laughed, but you will never forget with whom you wept.”
Khalil Gibran (via ranjhana)

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I think its so beautiful that as you and I sit here worrying, God has already written their names next to ours.

"And we created you in pairs." [51:49]

“Build a friendship before marrying someone. Marry your best friend.”
“Remember that it is better to have less in this world and more in the next than to have more in this world and less in the next…”
Amirul Mo’minin Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (ع) Nahjul Balagha sermon no. 117 (via shiaislam)
“The paradoxical thing about the war on terror is that it keeps on producing more terror. It’s an endless war.”
Sinan Antoon, an Iraqi poet and Arabic literature professor at New York University. He is co-founder and co-editor of Jadaliyya ezine. He appeared on Democracy Now! today to discuss the situation in Iraq. (via democracynow)



Ben Affleck speaks about Islamophobia X

God bless and Guide this man!!!!

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“من ادعى انه جمع بين حب الدنيا وحب خالقها في قلبه ، فقد كذب.

Whoever claims to have combined the love of dunya (worldly life) with the love of its Creator in his heart, he has lied.”
“Allah (swt) told Musa (as) to be nice to Firaun. Firaun tried to kill Musa (as) when he was just a baby. Firaun killed a thousand babies every year. He called himself God. There’s so many reasons to hate Firaun and Allah (swt) says when you go to him, be nice to him. If you have to be nice to Firaun, what about your wife? What about your husband? your children? your parents? your siblings? your cousins? your uncle? These are the people that make us angry. Family makes you really angry, I know. But these are the people that deserve the softest responses from us. We have to change the way we behave with them.”

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“If one night you see someone committing a sin, tomorrow do not look at him as a sinner. He may have repented during the night and you did not know.”
Ali Ibn-e-Abi Talib (a.s)